Our Legacy

Amor Jordan was established in 2003 in Amman Jordan by Momjian Group. We have 50 years of experience in the fine Jewellery industry. With a work force of about 200 employees, Amor Jordan has an in-house team of professionals excelling in fine Jewellery design, product development, as well as a team of engineers always innovating and creating new items and technologies. We manufacture fine Jewellery in most metals such as Gold in all its Karats, Silver, Gold filled, silver filled and Brass Jewelry with micron plating. We bring an unmatched combination of strategic insight, strong knowledge and years of experience of the Jewelry industry.

Our Vision:

Amor Jordan’s Vision is to give competitive advantage to our customers around the globe, and to become leaders in the fine jewelry industry.


We specialize in a variety of products such as: Chains ( Solid / Hollow / Pendant / Tennis / Fancy Basic ) | Rosaries ( Rosario della Tierra Santa™ ) | Religious items | Earrings | Wax Casting | Metal Mould Casting | Super Light Stamping.

Crystal Setting with premium quality crystals is a core competence for Amor Jordan.

We have an extensive range of items in our collections, with well over 10,000 designs. In addition, our product development team is able to put together collections for our customers according to their needs. Our Engineers will evaluate the best technology needed in order to create the best possible product to hit price point and margin requirements.

Our innovation and Design team is comprised of a people with unique and varied backgrounds that allow us to create designs that will be perfect for customers’ needs in international markets around the globe. As the world becomes smaller with blended ethnicities, as well as and becoming increasingly more connected by technology, we strive to always create new “Jewelry Blends” in order to always be up to date, not only to the evolution in our industry, but also the societies we live in. We are always forward thinking in our designs, and we try to anticipate future trends globally.

Our Associates

Amor Jordan has a global distribution network that is enabling the company to distribute its products to most of the organized retailers, either directly or indirectly. Our products reach reputable organizations such as Walmart, JC Penney, Macy’s, Kohl’s, and Target, K-Mart & Sears for the USA markets, and Carefour, Auchan, QVC Germany, QVC UK, Argos for the European operation. Our well-planned and efficient distribution network is one of our most important assets which have helped us reach several countries in US, Europe, Middle East and Far East.

Jordan, being in a strategic location, is able to export its goods made in jordan to most of the major global countries DUTY FREE (USA: FTA; Europe: EURO 1; Gulf countries and North Africa: GCC agreements)


Using the latest technologies in our industry, and applying technologies from other industries such as automotive, medical and telecommunication industries, Amor Jordan is able to offer unbeatable products to its customers. We are pioneers in the industry, always seeking the best manufacturing technology for the best product. We put significant investment yearly to update our equipment, and also for training our workforce in using these advanced technologies. Every division, has a team of engineers who are always on the lookout for “what will be the next big thing”. Having consultants from different countries and different industries, we are able to bring the best together.

AMOR JORDAN thrives to be the leader in innovative designs, using the latest technologies in the industry, in order to offer the best price value ratio to our customers
We plan to expand our production facilities
AMOR JORDAN is in need to expand our production facilities in order to meet the high demand for our products. A new state of the art factory will be ready by 2020, currently being designed by Italian Architects specialized in Industrial factory design with low environmental impact. It will be one of a kind in its industry.
We intend to continue our focus on quality management
AMOR JORDAN is in process of getting certified for ISO 9001 quality management certificate (we expect to get the certification by 2019). The certifications is necessary in order to make sure that Amor Jordan is always up to date with the highest levels of health and safety standards. Employee capacity building is a core priority for our management. We truly believe that if we invest in the development of each single employee, our company will be able to excel and move forward to higher level.
We plan to enhance our work process with the use of advanced technology solutions
AMOR JORDAN is in process of implementing a modern ERP cloud based software. We have decided to build a software management system from scratch since none of the available products on the market where able to reach our needs. Using the latest technologies available, and having a team of engineers and software developers with over 30 years’ experience, we have been able to create new software technologies that will be able to integrate with other platforms around the world. As we are moving ever faster towards ecommerce and online sales, this new platform has full integration capabilities build in.


Founder and Chairman
Tsolag Momjian

Co Founder and Chairman
Alberto Momjian

Murad Ahmad Marmash

Business Development
Amjad Abueibed

Sales / Jordan
Nawaf Alosta

Hanan Abu Khalifeh

Research & Product Development
Raffi Tchekrekjian

Product Development
Ketan Tulsulkar

Technical Development
Omar Ahmad Jaber

Quality Assurance Manager
Walaa Khaldun Alqtaishat

Back Office Assistant
Sara Sami Bashir Almanaseer

Back Office Assistant
Majd Mohammad Ali Njadat

Head of Security
Mohammad Al Salahat
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